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Call us toll-free: (520) 792-3080
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About Us

Luna Rebuilders has been a fixture in Tucson, Arizona since 1951, rebuilding automotive electrical parts (starters, alternators and generators) and direct current motor armatures under the name Hi Torque Armature Co. We provide fast, quality service at reasonable prices.
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John and Sally McNamara purchased the business in 1988 from the founder, Al Ross, and immediately expanded into rebuilding and repairing electric golf car and industrial vehicle motors. Operating under the name Luna Industries, Inc. the company earned worldwide acclaim for its ability to rebuild or replace nearly any motor used in those applications.

Further expansion included the start up company HT Electric Inc. which in partnership with General Electric, provides aftermarket GE built motors and electronic speed controllers. Jacksonville, Florida-based Nivel Parts later bought HT Electric. Nivel is the world leading supplier of aftermarket golf car parts.

The company continues to work out of the same Tucson warehouse where it all began, in addition to coordinating with its regional warehouse in Florida. Luna Industries not only has the largest stock of rebuilt electric golf car motors (with brands like Advanced DC, General Electric, Hitachi, Westinghouse, Baldor, and others) but has expanded further into the golf car industry by making the Nivel Parts catalog available to Luna customers.

As we move forward into new ares, our expert technicians (some with 35 years experience) will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products available.